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How to Fulfill Your Wishes While Camping

3 Ways To Use Extra Rooms In A Cabin Tent

by Beatrice Carpenter

A cabin tent will typically include the option to divide the tent into separate rooms with a zippered wall. When you shop at a sporting goods store, you can browse the various cabin tents available and see the different room options for the tents you seek. Even if you don't have a lot of extra people, you can make a lot of use of the extra room in a cabin tent. 

Check out some of the options and ways to take advantage of the extra covered space.

1. Food Storage

You want to keep food out of the open at your campsite so you do not attract unwanted animals like bears, raccoons, and wolves. If you dedicate an extra room in your tent to food storage, then you can eliminate some of those wild animal worries. The covered tent space can also keep bugs out of your food like flies, ants, and spiders.

A room will give you plenty of space to organize coolers, boxes, and bagged food items. The storage can help you stay organized throughout the whole camp trip and give you easy access to the food when you need it. A zippered door between the cabin tent rooms will help keep the food scents out of your sleeping area as well.

2. Separate Room For Parents

If you camp with children, then you may want to keep a separate area for the adults and the kids. Often, children may go to sleep a lot earlier than adults. With a separate room, you have an opportunity to stay up longer, use lights, and socialize without disrupting the children. The separation of rooms can make the sleeping conditions more comfortable as well. Children may toss and turn more or a parent may snore and disrupt the child. The separate rooms make everything a lot easier to mitigate.

3. Dressing Room And Closet

When you go camping, you do not have a lot of space for privacy as you get dressed or change outfits. A cabin tent with a separate room gives you plenty of space to make a makeshift dressing room and closet. You can keep all of your outfits in a single room and have a place to change comfortably.

The room barrier can shut completely and you can zip up all the windows so no one can see inside the tent. You will have the space to get dressed comfortably on a daily basis. If you take a longer trip, the room can also act as an ideal way to store extra clothing items.

Visit a local sporting goods store to learn more.